Thorough vertical blinds cleaning

Vertical blinds are made of reinforced cotton or polyester canvas. At first, the blinds are taken off runners. Exceptionally, the cleaning can be done while the blinds are hanging.  

How do we clean the blinds?

Thorough wet cleaning is done with professional cleaners, which cover the moistened material with a sparing but efficient cleaning agent and then vacuum the solution together with the dirt. 

By repeated washing and consequent vacuuming, the blinds are rid of settled dust, grease from the air as well as of other common types of dirt and odour. 

The blinds regain their shine and brighten the room. After the cleaning, the blinds are wet and, in a couple of hours from being hung back up into the runners, they become completely dry. 

Contact us and we will get you rid of all dirt settled in the blinds.  Clean and fragrant blinds will be appreciated not only by you, but also by your visitors. 

What do we need to know before coming to you?

The estimated scale and the address of the order. 

The height of the blinds to be cleaned.

Space arrangement - empty/in use/ covered by many items.

A photograph of the order is always helpful.