Dry cleaning using the electric beater bar

For your sofas and other upholstered furniture we use a machine suction beater bar, which does not emit any dust back into your flat. This way, crumbs, hairs, dust, mite excrements are removed and your favourite piece of furniture brightens up amazingly. 
The electric beater bar is able to remove also the stuck hairs of your pets, which very easily attach to the upholstery and usually can be removed only with great difficulty. 

The most efficient in depth wet cleaning

We achieve the highest levels of dirt removal from upholstery. We remove grease, grime and other types of dirt, always being gentle to the fabrics. Any stubborn stains or dirt will be pre-cleaned by a verified hypoallergenic and odour eliminating cleaning solution.

Thanks to our technology and the precision of our work, we achieve the highest possible levels of colour restoration and odour removal from your sofa or other upholstery.

After wet cleaning, the upholstery remains moist approximately until the next day. 


Impregnation functions as protection of porous materials against repeated fouling or soaking. As the material wears out, dirt is easier to settle between its fibres, and the material very easily soaks up water. This can be prevented with the help of impregnation. 

Through impregnation, either the structure of the material closes, or, with some types, the electric charge becomes organized. The fabric then repells dirt as well as water and creates small globules of liquid on the surface.  
Our offer includes impregnations protecting against fouling and liquids. We think that spilled liquids are what troubles our customers the most.

What machines and agents do we use?

Our cleaning squad use machine suction beater bars, which do not release any dust back into your flat as the dirt is filtered through water.  

The wet cleaning is done using professional Kärcher cleaning machines, which, thanks to spraying a hypoallergenic cleaning solution and thanks to brushing, wash the carpets thoroughly and vacuum the dirt away immediately. 

Cleaning the edges is then finished with a small hand extractor.

A fragrant home

Our cleaning agents efficiently eliminate odour. If you prefer a particular fragrance in your home, there is nothing easier than adding to the vacuum cleaner's water tank an essence of your own choice.

Besides others options, we offer citrus fragrances, pine or eucalyptus that helps to relieve your breathing.  

The fragrances are mild and non-irritating. 

Removing stubborn stains

During more than 6 years of practice, we have gained much experience in removing even the most stubborn stains.  

We have a number of tried and tested tricks and professional agents. Trust us and do not lose your hope even when facing the worst marks. 

If the stain still can be removed, we will handle it.