Gentle fabric wallpaper cleaning

Our goal is to achieve the longest possible durability of the fabric and to maximize the renewal of its original look. What is more, removing dust from the wallpapers significantly improves the air in the room and eliminates the amount of odour kept.

Thanks to years of experience, we know how to best remove common fouling as well as more peristent smudges from wallpapers. At our disposal we have technical equipment thanks to which we are able to clean a total area of 100m2/day.

How do we clean the wallpapers?

The thorough wet wallpaper cleaning is done with proffesional Kärcher cleaners, mild brushes and gentle soap-based cleaning agents.

The wallpapers are moistened and brushed with natural bristles, which remove grease well and remain gentle towards the fabric. Repetitive washing and consequent vacuuming gets the wallpapers rid of settled dust, grease from the air and other common types of dirt. 

In case of more persistent dirt, the marks are pre-cleaned by a verified cleaning solution, which is hypoallergenic and gentle towards the fine fabric.

How much we can handle

» Daily output ca. 100m2/day.
» Max. height of the wall 5m.

What do we need to know before coming to you?

The estimated scale, date and address of the order.

The height of the wallpapers to be cleaned. 

Space arrangement - empty/in use/ covered by many items.

A photo of the order.